Beatport Mixes Turn the Tables

DJs have a new way of being sold online

The Bay Area may just have more amateur and professional DJs per capita than any other place in the country, and a newly broadened online service will likely bring more of these mixmasters to light.

Beatport, a Denver-based electronic music store with offices in San Francisco, has just opened its Beatport Mixes section to the public. Previously the exclusive domain of invited professional DJs, anyone can now use it to sell downloadable files of their DJ mixes.

That might sound like stealing, but Beatport has conceived an arrangement to compensate the artists who have songs on the mixes alongside the DJs who create the mixes, acknowledging that both have a part to play in the world of contemporary music consumption.

Naturally, there is a catch: Prospective DJs must use songs purchased through the Beatport store on their mixes. But there are thousands of tunes ripe for the selecting, a virtual candystore for fans of dance music.

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