Beer Soap! Get Your Beer Soap Here!

On this, the beeriest day of the year, we kind of wish we could bathe in the stuff. Turns out - thanks to the Beer Soap Company - we actually can.

Wares from the Beer Soap Company give a whole new (double) meaning to suds. The Cleveland-based company's line of artisanal, handmade soaps are made with all sorts of natural and good-for-your-skin ingredients like green tea and olive oil - but the killer ingredient? Beer. Forty-two different kinds of beer, actually - one for each of the company's soap varieties.

There's Jamaican Hops, made with black pepper, lemon, and Red Stripe. Or Botanical Touch, spiked with licorice and Tsingtao. Honey Porter blends four types of the sticky stuff - from orange blossom honey to clover honey - and gets its musk from Sam Adams Honey Porter.

Naturally, today you'll want to try the Extra Stout, a bar spiked with caramel notes and made with pure, frothy Guinness. Stock up (they're 5 for $20, or $ each) at

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