Bees Rule The Roof at Quince and Cotogna

Terry Oxford and Brian Linke are partners in life ("he's a great drone," she deadpans) and in the beekeeping business. As UrbanBeeSF, they manage 11 hives in San Francisco, including one for the tiny Farm:Table and five for the shared rooftop of Quince and its new restaurant Cotogna. At the latter two establishments, honey shows up on all the ever-changing menus, not only in desserts but in savory items (as a glaze for roasted carrots at Cotogna, for example) as well as the bar program (as in the Cherry Camaro: Scotch, cherry, Amaro, and honey).

We risked life and limb — limb, at the very least — to bring you this view from inside the beekeeper's suit and honey-acquiring duties at Quince and Cotogna. [The Feast]

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