Sweet-Toothers, Rejoice: Free Cone Day Is Here

Queue up for the oh-so-popular Ben & Jerry's event.

benandjerrys ice cream
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The Ben & Jerry's ice cream HQ in Waterbury, Vermont, is beloved for a number of reasons. One is the quickity 30-minute tour, where you can see how all of those quirky flavors the company is known for come together. It also has a gift shop, natch, and perky employees, and other idiosyncratic touches that help make it one of the best known cold-treat brands on the planet.

But we're going to posit that somewhere in that famous factory there's a weather center, and within the weather center are ice cream-fueled meteorologists, wired on Chubby Hubby, predicting when the temperature will be just right for Free Cone Day, the annual Ben & Jerry's queue-up for a gratis goodie.

And, once again, the meteorologists behind the secret wall at Ben & Jerry's HQ have nailed it, at least in terms of Bay Area weather:  Tuesday, April 8, which is Free Cone Day, will be perrrrfect ice cream weather.

You know we're serious, because we drew out the spelling of "perfect."

High temp is in the low 80s, which means when you line up outside of a participating Ben & Jerry's shop -- there are lines, so bring a friend -- you'll bask in the sunshine. (Question: Why don't people ever bask in the rain? You can, right? Legally?)

The time are noon to 8 p.m. The reason? It's an annual anniversary shindig, woot woot.

There are no other asterisks. Walk into a participating Ben & Jerry's on Tuesday, April 8 and walk out with a free scoop of ice cream.

Isn't it nice when life is simple and free of fine print?

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