Bikes + Cute Shoes = Awesome

Yes, you can wear cute shoes on a bike. Fashion-forward San Franciscans show you how.

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Adrienne Johnson
These sleek and stylish boots worn by Adrienne are probably more comfortable on a bike than on a street. Photo by Adrienne Johnson. All captions and photos by Kristin Tieche of Velo Vogue unless otherwise noted.
Flats are a fantastic option for cyclists: lots of style, and easy to ride in, too.
Kristin Tieche
Every cyclist needs a pair of riding boots to protect their tootsies on cold days. This rider is wearing a pair with a fuzzy liner for extra warmth.
Kristin Tieche
If you don't know what Fluevog is, you aren't cool enough to wear them.
Cute heels, check. Ridiculously amazing calves from biking that look good in all shoes? Check, check, check.
Kristin Tieche
Kitten heels . . . so hot right now. And much easier to bike in than stilettos.
Kristin Tieche
Mary Janes are a practical addition to every biker's wardrobe-- they're cute without being non-functional.
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