‘Gold Rush' Hits Britain

Joining the ranks of recession-induced trends (a list which already includes increased hosiery sales and ‘new nostalgia’) is women going blond… at least across the pond, that is. The Telegraph reported yesterday that a ‘gold rush’ is taking place in the UK—droves of women are showing up at salons requesting lightened locks in hopes of combating recession blues with a bit of blond. “Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton revealed a 67 per cent surge in the sales of his blonde hair products compared to this time last year,” says the Telegraph.

Barton explained that, according to his clients, going blond encourages feelings of confidence, youthfulness and attractiveness; he likewise highlighted “the influence of blonde icons over the years, from Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe through to Debbie Harry and Madonna.” But flaxen-haired icons aren’t the only ones inciting contemporary copycats. In a recent blog post Elle showcases iconic coifs from decades past and their current day parallel—from Twiggy and Aggy, to Diana and Drew.


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