BlackBerry Flip Phone Would Have Been Cooler in 2005


Has BlackBerry's chief designer been living under a rock for the last five years? Because looking at the new BlackBerry Style, you might think that they simply handed someone a Blackberry Bold and an old Motorola Razr, and told them to mash it together into one phone.

Design points aside, the Style is pretty well equipped for the youth market it's being marketed towards. A full QWERTY keyboard is pretty unusual for a clamshell design, and will allow the kids to text each other faster than ever. Two screens is also nice, but neither one is a touch screen, so you're still going to need the usual BlackBerry pointing stick button to navigate the menus.

The rest of the package is pretty normal BlackBerry stuff, with a 5MP camera including a flash, GPS, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity backed up by 802.11n WiFi. A bundled 8GB MicroSD card provides plenty of space for MP3s and Justin Bieber videos. Colors are Steel Gray and Royal Purple (must be for the girls).

The Style's biggest selling point however is likely to be the price. Sprint will launch it on Halloween for $100 with contract after a $100 rebate, and Verizon is expected to get it soon.

BlackBerry, via Electronista

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