Bling That Man Right Out of Your Life

Web site helps sell jewelry from failed relationships

Listen up girlfriend. Certainly you've heard of finding the silver lining in any bad situation, but a new Web site seeks to help you find the silver, gold and platinum lining to every failed relationship.

The recently launched helps women make a little cash from those jewelry pieces he bought you during happier times (or as a peace offering to make up for those times when he messed up).

Getting started is as easy as requesting a free, pre-paid "Break-Up Box" on the Web site. The company's appraisers will assess a value to the items and a check will be in the mail within 10 days. If you're not satisfied with the assessed value, the company promised to send your items back.

In theory, it all makes sense. You've already torn up the photos, deleted the playlists, even thrown out your favorite still-smells-like-him sweatshirt, so isn't the bling the next logical step?

As for all the fellas out there, we've two words for you -- cubic zirconia.

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