Boots Riley Publishes Screenplay

'Sorry to Bother You' appears in latest McSweeney's

Boots Riley has long been known as a powerful writer, but now he's about to assert his talent in a new medium.

The frontman of Oakland hip-hop group The Coup has published his first screenplay. Sorry To Bother You is available bundled with the latest issue of McSweeney's.

Riley has described the project as "a surreal dark comedy with magical realism and science fiction, inspired by my time as a telemarketer."

On the musical front, Riley recently collaborated with rappers Muja Messiah and Brother Ali in the song and video for a new song called "Pocket Full of Slave Owners." He also revealed some mackadocious method acting that brought the group's 1998 song "Me And Jesus The Pimp In A ’79 Granada Last Night" to life in this excerpt from Check The Technique Vol. 2 by Brian Coleman.

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