Boys on Bikes

San Francisco's best dressed male cyclists get their due.

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Kristin Tieche
The Bay Area's own bicycle-trendsetter, Gary Fisher now leads the way in style. Former mountain bike champ, now Gary champions the street fashion trail - from his bowler down to stylish spats and polka-dot pannier. All photos and text by Kristin Tieche of Velo Vogue unless otherwise indicated.
Kristin Tieche
Carlton Evans, co-founder of the Disposable Film Festival, is as passionate about riding his bike as he is his about fashion. Check out those colorful kicks!
Lilia Scott
All in all, a smartly dressed man makes people smile. And we hope that makes you gents smile back! Photo by Lilia Scott.
Kristin Tieche
Riding a bike makes you healthy and happy, and also gives you the chance to roll up your pant leg to show off your argyle socks.
Getty Images
For those windy SF afternoons, it's best to bundle up in wool. This guy's got it going on in a gorgeous navy and red ensemble, matching sweater, hat, gloves and socks.
Retro is always in fashion. And so is this vested gentleman with curled English mustache and his hybridized reverse Penny Farthing Cruiser with hi-rise handlebars.
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