Brass Knuckle Rocks Music Food

Food truck and restaurant collaborate on sonic meal

Shellie Kitchen's Brass Knuckle food truck serves up fare inspired by musicians. Popular offerings include Fryin Maiden (a fried chicken sandwich dedicated to Iron Maiden), Prawns N Roses (a crispy prawn taco tribute to Guns N Roses), and Cheesy Manilow (wedge salad with cheddar dressing, an homage to Barry Manilow).

These dishes and more will be served at a special dinner on Jan. 17 at Trace Restaurant inside the W Hotel in San Francisco. Trace executive chef Paul Piscopo has been collaborating with food truck chefs in a dinner series called "Local Motion."

Piscopo and Kitchen have a large menu of sonic delights planned. Among them: The B-52 (rock lobster carpaccio and blood orange, named for the B-52s), Smoke on the Water (smoked mushroom tortellini with porcini broth in honor of Deep Purple), and Sunday Not So Bloody Sunday (nitrogen ice cream with assorted toppings for U2).

At $40, the meal costs less than an average concert ticket, and is likely to be more filling.

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