Brian McKnight Brings Intimate Show to San Francisco

Soul singer performs eight shows at The Addition

Courtesy of Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight is getting up close and personal with San Francisco this week with eight shows over four nights at The Addition.

The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist responsible for the sales of more than 20 million records brings his Brian McKnight Trio to the venue (formerly Yoshi's) that the performer says is one of his local favorites.

"I really like that venue," he says. "I really like the intimacy. I think when we've been there before we've made it our own and we love coming back."

It helps that McKnight's got a dedicated Bay Area following who tend to become familiar faces as they attend multiple shows. "The great thing with that room is that you know that those people are coming because they are your core fans, period. I wouldn't say you can do anything you want, but you can pretty much do anything you want!"

That means being a bit playful with his best-known love songs, but nothing too radical: "They're different enough to have just a bit of a twist."

McKnight has operated as an independent artist free from the major labels for his last few releases, but is considering all of his business options for the future. "I'm always writing new material," he notes, "I'm just deciding how and when to put it out."

Catch McKnight at The Addition from December 18-21; tickets range from $45-85.

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