Wilson Suffers Setback in Throwing Session Wednesday

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Brian Wilson dropped some optimistic news about the possibility he'd be ready on Opening Day earlier this week, but following a Wednesday throwing session that cut short, it appears that might have been false hope.

Wilson, dealing with an oblique strain and throwing a baseball for the first time in almost a week,

"It didn’t feel as good as we hoped, so we backed him off," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said, per Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News.

Wilson was decidedly less straightforward, which, as usual, is totally and utterly shocking.

"I’m an employee. I’m not an investor," Wilson said. "They do what’s necessary and I follow orders. There might be disagreement, but whatever they feel is necessary has to be right. I’ll agree with whatever they want to do.

"I don’t own teams. I throw a baseball. If they say, come game time, that I’m not ready, then I don’t have the right to argue. That would do no good."

In other words, he's pretty freaking upset about the fact that he's pretty freaking clearly not going to be pitching on March 31st when the Giants open against the Dodgers.

Naturally, though, that wasn't all he had to say. In fact, he might have even dropped a FASTBALL (emphasis mine).

"I'm not worried," Wilson said. "I know my body. I know what I'm capable of doing. I’m not worried about what others are thinking. I guess everybody wanted me to be healed the night I was injured.

"I mean, I'd like to feel superhuman. Correction: I am superhuman. But at the same time, to be realistic, at six days out, I’m not going to feel 1000 percent."

That's something taken directly from a Charlie Sheen UStream right? Or is that a Wilson original? (And, aside: have they ever actually been seen in the same place at the same time before?)

Regardless of who said it, though, there's reason to be concerned with Wilson's health, and at this point, even his (pretty hysterical) quips come off as frustrated, because he knows that there's a good chance he won't be pitching when the season starts.

This makes sense; we mentioned it the other day, but there's really no reason to run Wilson out on the mound on March when a) he could be lost for an extended period of time (or even the season), and b) the Giants have plenty of closer-capable options on the roster anyway.

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