Brian Wilson Rides Scooter to Work in Air Mags

He's back and sporting some expensive footwear


Not breaking news: Brian Wilson is a wacky dude. And if you were itching for more proof, how about a picture of him riding a scooter to work while wearing a pair of Nike Air Mags.

No, really, this apparently happened. And it was documented by someone who spotted Wilson on the whacked-out ride in the futuristic boots cruising down by AT&T Park.

Stephen Goldblatt spotted Wilson on his ride while driving down the street and tweeted a picture of the Giants closer out on Instagram.

Honestly, it's hard to figure out where to start with this. But I'll try ... for starters, this isn't your normal scooter. It has a seat, and a basket and is obviously motorized. It appears to have some pretty sick rims on it, which is, you know, not something you normally see on a scooter.

Then there's Wilson himself. He's wearing the Air Mags, which are the Back to the Future kicks designed by Nike. They only cost a couple grand. He's also sporting a bizarrely colored shirt that appears to be a softball uniform. He has the Beard, of course, and it looks like he's got a hat that you might find in the 80's.

But here's the sleeper: is he wearing a fannypack??? It sure looks like it.

So congrats, Brian Wilson, on somehow summing up yourself in one photo you didn't even mean to have taken.

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