Bringing Floppy Back

Ah, the old floppy disk. Sure, its paltry 1.14MB of storage doesn't amount to all that much these days, but they still hold a place in a lot of people's hearts who remember transporting their precious files around on them. And now you can do that again with new USB floppys

This homemade contraption crams some flash memory into an old floppy disk, giving it a more modern amount of storage. In order to plug it in, simply slide the little disk protector over to reveal a USB cable. There's even a blinking red LED in the write/protect switch, letting you know when the drive is active.

Unfortunately, you can't buy one for yourself, as this was a DIY project, but it doesn't look too hard to do yourself if you're handy with this sort of thing.

Flickr via Technabob

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