Broken Heart Turns to Twitter to Swing His Bling

Anthony Gardiner, a 29-year-old call-center worker, bought a $5,000 diamond ring last September in Hong Kong to propose to the love of his life.

What the New Zealand resident failed to take into consideration was his lady's ability to say no. Woops.

When he proposed the unthinkable happened: his love decided to unfollow him, leaving him with a $5,000 piece unreturnable bling.

"I met this girl I thought was pretty cool, bought a ring, turns out she wasn't as keen," he told The New York Times.

Instead of using Twitter to wallow in his misery and stalk his fling's every move, Gardiner launched a scavenger hunt using the San Francisco-based social networking site.

On Saturday, Gardiner will post clues to the ring's whereabouts in Wellington, New Zealand. Whoever follows his or her nose to the end of the rainbow will get to keep the ring.

Gardiner hopes someone who has "found a cool chick and who wants to give them something they normally wouldn't be able to afford" wins the hunt. Let's hope kharma is not real for the winner's sake.

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