Broker Blogwrap: Thunderdome Edition

Broker BlogWrap is our tribute to the brokersphere. 'Cause we love you that much— we really do. Posts of note may be passed along accordingly.

1) Two nabes enter, one nabe leaves. It's Cole Valley vs. Noe Valley in an epic fight to the death decided by blog commenters and neighborhood loyalists. [The Front Steps]
2) Visualizing the bailout. Things could be worse: at least we're not Ireland. Unfortunately, some people are predicting another 40% drop in the market next year... So we'll see a surge in real estate at some point, right? [Matrix]
3) Fun with acronyms: LIBOR, COFI, ARM, and KQED, and...private mortgage insurance. [Square Feet]For more stories from Curbed SF, go to

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