BurgerWire: Hubert Keller Taps Macy's For Burger Bar

UNION SQUARE—The news that's been over a year in the making has finally arrived: at long last, Hubert Keller has a San Francisco location for his Burger Bar chain. It's going to be in the Union Square Macy's, putting DJ Hubert's fancy burgers in the vaunted company of the Cheesecake Factory:

The Macy's location will encompass 7,000 square feet, with 80 to 90 seats in the dining room, plus a possible 60-seat private room ... The look will be similar to the other venues, with lots of wood, booths, flat-screen TVs and a semi-visible butcher shop, where diners can see the beef being ground and mixed by hand.

If you were wondering, the sixth floor of Macy's is also home to Domestics, Bedding, Gift Wrap, and coming soon, the Christmas Shop.
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