California Makes it Hard to Make a Killing Off Spouse

Note to the married homicidal: If the California legislature approves a new bill, whacking your loved one may not be as profitable as it once was.

The bill is designed to remove a 'loophole' from the state's divorce law that allows someone to get half of their spouse's estate if they hire someone to kill their spouse, fail, then file for divorce. Seriously.

Believe it or not, this actually happened. The wife of a Pomona police officer hired local gang members to kill her husband. Instead, the hired killers turned her in. She was sent to prison in February 2003, was released in March 2004 -- then filed for divorce and collected $70,000 from their estate.

"I'm just trying to prevent some poor sap in the future who goes through this, to prevent him from losing his assets to somebody that's trying to kill him," John Pomroy, the cop/target, told AP.

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