Candidate Gets Cranky Over Realtors' Ads

Robo-calls were one thing. But David Chiu isn't laughing it off anymore. The Board of Supes candidate and former Chris "Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em" Daly aide is lodging a formal complaint with the city's Ethics Commission against the San Francisco Association of Realtors and their "outrageously false" TV ad, contending that he and fellow Daly-friendly candidates Eric Mar and John Avalos support Proposition K (the one that legalizes prostitutin'). It cost the Association $83,000, but Comcast says they'll pull it in a hot second if it can be proven false. The ad portrays Daly as "the puppeteer" and Chiu, Mar and Avalos as his puppets. All three, of course, contend that the well-loathed Daly isn't pulling the strings -- but considering Chiu served as Daly's aide until he began his campaign for office in July, it's anyone's guess where the Supe's other hand is.
&183 Candidate upset over Realtors' TV attack ad [SF Gate]
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