Cartoons Build Karikter

A store on Sutter Street offers a free trip back to childhood via its nostalgic products

Stepping inside Karikter on Sutter Street in San Francisco is like stepping into an alternate universe.

In addition to the array of lovely travel accessories, the shop offers a plethora of products related to fictional characters like Babar the elephant, Wallace and Gromit, and comic strip heros Tintin and Snowy.

Tintin, a character created by Belgian artist Herge, is an ageless, independent personality who just happens to be a first class detective. Snowy, always by Tintin’s side, is a faithful canine companion and a hero in his own right. Charismatic, lovable, keen and ferocious when need be, Snowy captures the heart as quickly as does his master.

To be Tintin-esque is to be good at just about everything, a globe-trot ting adventure seeker or simply an adoring fan. Don a Tintin and Snowy t-shirt to flaunt alliance. The shirt is available in a scale of sizes at $42 a pop.

Aside from various Tintin merchandise to collect, Karikter invites visitors to choose from an array of practical and attractive travel bags, umbrellas, wristwatches, wall art, collectibles, games and travel journals, just to name a few of the categories on display.
The selection changes continuously as new items arrive daily.

Prices range from $1.50 to $1,500.

Karikter, 418 Sutter Street, San Francisco. (415) 434-1120 -

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