Central Subway Enters EIR Hell

Muni's Central Subway project, already saddled with a train or two full of skeptics, will head to the Board of Supes on Tuesday to face down three appeals— challenges that could end up dragging out the planning process forever and ever— and ever. The appeals call out the SFMTA on their accuracy and diligence (or lack thereof, we suppose) in performing the required environmental impact reviews, namely on exciting issues like exhaust vents and the basement of a building at 800 Market Street. (Apparently no more fears about Powell Street Station getting eaten by the earth?) The 1.7-mile subway project is set to link the Fourth and King Caltrain station to Chinatown by 2016— barring a ride into EIR hell, of course. Muni spokesman Judson True isn't losing any sleep over it though. Quote: "This project enjoys broad support from the community." Well then.
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