Central Subway Plan Not Short On Hilarity

A city planner, on the Central Subway: "Everybody's got a good idea, I am sure. But at some point you can get into paralysis by analysis." Some morning paralysis, then: A C.W. Nevius column has a couple gems on the "ideas" that have gone into the Central Subway's boiling cauldron of craziness. There's transpo consultant Jerry Cauthen's idea to let buses, like the 30-Stockton, into the subway tunnel. (Because there's just not enough that can go wrong, surely!) Or all the brainstorming over what the hell to do with the tunnel-boring machine that has to eventually bore its way out of the earth. Leave it in the ground, say some— we'll need it again to dig to Fisherman's Wharf. Because it's certainly not going to come out in Washington Square, or, say, Powell and Columbus. Or we could have it, as Supe candidate Joe Alioto suggests, bore its way to Joe DiMaggio Playground and come out there, before we re-turf the hole with grass. Wanna hear more? Go to Tuesday night's Board of Supes meeting.
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