Chewing Gum Without the Mess

It seems like nearly every time you chew gum, there's always nowhere to put it after you're done — and this I say as someone who chews a lot of gum. Lucky for us, Gonglue Jiang, the same fellow who thought up those chainable USB ports, has a solution that will keep us from wadding up gum with receipts we may have needed later.

His design takes gum away from the flat packets that fit in your pocket to something shaped more like a medicine bottle. It's got a skirt of tear-away paper that you use to dispose of your gum, and then you push the discarded piece into the bottom of the bottle. The bottom acts like a little trash container — kind of like how a pencil sharpener holds onto your shavings — and you can dump it out when you find a trashcan.

If we were going to critique Jiang's design, we'd say this: we love the design, but we'd be hesitant about losing portability.

GET IT at Gonglue Jiang, via Yanko Design

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