Christmas Comes Early for Good Little Dolphins, Elephants and More

Six Flags installs gigantic Christmas tree

Christmas came early to all the little dolphins, elephants and whatchamacallits in Vallejo. And boy did it come in a big package.

An 80-foot-tall white fir tree arrived Sunday night at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, from George’s Christmas Tree farm in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Getting the tree set up in the park involved a flat bed truck, a crane and a lot of Santa's little helpers.

On Monday the tree was transported from its flat bed truck from the park’s upper parking lot, where it was parked last night on its arrival, to the main gate area.

Due to its massive size, it had to be lifted by crane into the park, and onto a waiting second flat bed truck so it could maneuver through to the main plaza area.

It took a heavy lifting crane to move the 7,500 pound tree, with about 15 to 20 people using their ingenuity, to raise the tree to a standing position and eventually placed in the park’s large fountain.

The fountain area will be the tree's home for the park’s annual "Holiday in the Park" event, which kicks off on Nov. 28 and runs through Jan. 4. 

It will take about a week to install the over 30,000 lights and 1,500 ornaments on the tree.

Every night of "Holiday in the Park" will be highlighted by a ceremonial tree-lighting.

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