Let Your Clothes Do the Tweeting

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I have a couple of friends who send out hundreds Tweets or Facebook updates every day. You probably know the type, the ones who think you really want to know every time they're crossing the road, or taking the dog out for a walk. What if there was a way for them to send all of those updates automatically, without having to wear out their thumbs?

That's the thinking behind Ping, a proposed line of tech enabled clothing from designer Jennifer Darmour. Ping has embedded electronics that can sense what your doing, then send updates automatically using an interface that runs Lilypad and Lilypad Xbee software. When somebody responds it can let you know with a gentle tap on the shoulder, and you can even assign different tapping patterns to different people. That way you'll know when the creepy guy from high school is excited that you've just unbuttoned your coat.

I'm all for social networking, but I think Ping takes keeping in touch with your friends to new levels of absurdity. It seems like this would be great for stalker types, but hopefully you haven't friended them, have you?

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