Cool New Thing: 2itch Maps For Your Late-Night Needs

Unlike today's other map unveiling, this one takes itself very seriously, punny name aside. 2itch maps the 24-hour everythings city-side. There are currently 109 laundromats, coffee shops, fast-food restos and various sundry other goods and services available around the clock within the city limits. Granted, that's less than a fifth of what LA, NYC and Chicago have, but hey -- we're beating Seattle! The most notable thing about the map is the sheer density of SF's 24-hour hot spots, with nary an outlier. 2itch proves it: if you're not in the Civic Center/'Loin, Van Ness Corridor, Castro or North Mish circa 5 a.m. with a hankering for fries, laundry or cold meds -- well, you're shit outta luck.
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