Curry Magically Transforms Into Tacos

Josh Keppel

Street Food Friday at fabric8 is going Taco Crazy tonight with many street carts abandoning their usual dishes for one night of Mexican fare.

On Thursday, Magic Curry Man was at one of his usual haunts in front of the Mission Pool, but the food he was preparing was not soaking in sauce and there was no rice. WTF?

He said he was testing out some Magic Tacos "as a challenge" for a taco themed night at fabric8, an art gallery and common hangout for street carts on 22nd at Valencia in the Mission district of San Francisco.

His tacos sell for $3 each and you can get chicken or veggie.  I had a chicken one and it was magical.

It's good the street carts are changing it up and not just sticking to the tried and true.  Keeps it fresh, fun and interesting.

Magic Taco Man gave me the exclusive scoop about a second cart he is getting ready to unleash on the city that may include opportunities for couples to have a date night consisting of a personal, private, multi-cart gourmet street food experience.

It may be the first time reservations are needed for street food.

How very San Franciscan.

Josh Keppel says if dinner wasn’t already waiting for him at home, he would have had several more of those chicken tacos.

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