Diabetes Epidemic

Synopsis of "The Diabetes Epidemic: Challenges & Breakthroughs":

Diabetes may be the number one cause of death in the United States; it's not listed as such but the fact is, it's a major factor in death from heart attacks and strokes and it is on the rise.

Other important topics Dr. Hensel will cover in the special:

  • Dr. Hensel will follow up to 8 patients, each of which faces different challenges and each of which was helped by breakthroughs in the treatment of the disease.

  • Ethnic risks and challenges.

  • An explanation of each of the diseases, how they occur and what happens inside of the body in each case.

  • What is known about the cause of diabetes and what is being done to study it further.

  • All treatments will be covered including injectable, pump, oral, diet and exercise; from the old to the new, from conventional to new breakthroughs.

  • Examination of studies that aim to prevent diabetes and potential cures.

  • Diabetes facts and further information provided by the American Diabetes Association
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