“Disneyland” For Sports Junkies Opens In NorCal

It's 120,000 square feet of sports madness

You can experience the great outdoors without actually going outside in the Northern California city of Mantenca.

Customers at the new Bass Pro Shop call the 120,000 square foot superstore "Disneyland" for the outdoor enthusiasts. 

An enormous fiberglass sequoia greets you as you enter. 

It's hard not to set your eyes upon the hundreds of eyes that are staring right back at you from the stuffed game scattered throughout. 

There's the constant babbling of the waterfall in the back that dumps into a 20,000 gallon aquarium stocked with native fish. 

Upstairs is the laser shooting gallery themed after the 49er Gold Rush. 

You can't miss Outdoor World. 

It's just off Highway 120.

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