Do Schools Need Two Budgets?

NBC 5 News

Louis Freedberg of California Watch has a smart piece on the real-world impact of Gov. Brown's budget strategy on the schools.

The two biggest impacts?

1. With Brown's strategy predicated on voters approving tax increases in a June special elections, many school districts are putting together two budgets, not one. (The good news budget that preserves the status quo -- in the event the taxes are approved -- and a bad news budget if the taxes aren't approved).

2. Lots of teacher layoff notices will go out on March 15. Because the law requires notice of potential layoffs by then, thousands of teachers could get the lay off notices in case the tax measures don't reach the ballot or don't pass. This is bad policy -- creating instability in the classroom -- but probably good politics, since it will help Brown show the public the repercussions of not approving the tax increases.

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