Drinking for a Cause

Yuppie Fridays brings booze and prom dresses together in a way you can feel good about

I’d heard about Yuppie Fridays through several friends, but this was my first real experience with the brainchild of some Bay Area 20 and 30 some-things.

The self-admitted group of young urban professionals turn a happy hour every other month into a charity fundraiser.

Hundreds of people packed Harry Denton’s Starlight Lounge Friday for this month’s event for the Princess Project.

A $20 ticket included two drinks and unlimited wine tasting from Artesa Winery and  $12 of the admission price went straight to the Princess Project to get prom dresses and accessories into the hands of girls who normally couldn’t afford them. They featured a fashion show by JoJo, an up and coming fashion designer big in Asia.

The view of the City from the lounge was amazing. The DJ provided some relief for those awkward pauses in getting to know you conversations. Everyone was interesting to talk with despite still donning their workday ties and heels. I even got a few great ideas for my job.

DOIN’ IT WELL: Make sure to bring business cards- this is a major networking event. The people I met were tons of fun and whether you’re looking for your next love interest or business venture- you don’t want to be caught off guard. Every event is a little different, most are cheaper, which giving you more money to invest in raffle tickets for some pretty rad prizes like Apple products, yoga memberships and designer purses. Check in on their website for more details for their April event.

NEXT WEEK: Friends 2?th Birthday (let's just say she's closer to 30 than she will ever admit) Her usual scene is a Mission Dive Bar or Dinner and movie at the Kabuki theater. Where should we take her? Let me know your suggestions in the comments section.

Marika Krause produces NBC Bay Area Mornings. She works overnights, so she crams more fun and Bay Area adventures into the weekend than most people do in a week. You can catch her weekly blog right here on NBC Bay Area.

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