Drunkards Get Ready to Crawl from Pub to Pub

A guide on where to go on St. Patty's Day

In Ireland on Tuesday banks will take the day off, children will stay home from school and everyone will go to church. The Bay Area got all of that sillyness out of the way over the weekend.

On Tuesday in San Francisco, everyone and their uncle will be Irish for a day just to have an excuse to jump from pub to pub, knocking down an adult beverage or two (or more). A ritual that has come to be known as a pub crawl.

Drinking on St. Patrick's Day has become a way of life in America. Not too many people concern themselves with why good ol' St. Patty wore green or how he used the three-leaf clover to explain the Trinity to the pagan Irish.

There are Irish pubs across the Bay Area and several in San Francisco, such as Johnny Foley's Irish House and Durty Nelly's on Irving Street.

Our friends at the San Francisco Chronicle have put together a map of where to go on St. Patrick's Day to get your pub crawl on. Just fon't forget to stay out of a car and pay tribute to St. Patrick by showing up to church, maybe, for a few minutes. 

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