Eater Hospice: So, How's Yoshi's Doing These Days?

Have a restaurant you think belongs on Eater Deathwatch? We're accepting nominations.

It's been a while since we've heard any buzz from Yoshi's, so let's have a special Friday check-in, shall we? Remember earlier this summer, when Yoshi's raised all types of red flags when it announced that it would be hosting a party complete with questionable amenities like geisha girls, $20 covers and free sake? Well well, the Donovan parties are now a regular occurrence, and thanks to SF Weekly's nightlife/music blog, we have a full shill report of the utter ridiculousness at work over there on Fillmore Street.

Kindly do keep in mind that this is a three-star restaurant we're talking about ... on a Saturday night, mind you:

On the scene: "Yoshi's new monthly party, PRESTIGE, is teeming with beautiful men and woman dancing to house (yes house, not jazz) under the subtle neon lights."

On the ladies' dress: "God help you if you come in wearing sneakers, ladies. You might as well crawl into a hole and die or hope one of the three photographers does not get your photo."

On the men's dress: "Not only are girls wearing bangin' hot dresses, but even the guys are working it out (think gelled hair and ornate button up shirts). Donovan described his crowd as 'sexy, sophisticated, and very fashion conscious.'"

On the crowd: '"... true ballers who attend my events and don't mind spending a little money to be treated like complete royalty,' said Donovan."

The next Yoshi's buyout: November 22 with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Sweet, sweet Yoshi's. How far you've come in a year.
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