Eater Map: San Francisco's Cursed Restaurant Spaces

In recent weeks, we've seen Octavia Lounge meet its demise at a neither-here-nor-there Market Street location while Janitzi continues to struggle on a busy Valencia thoroughfare. The lesson here? Sometimes, restaurant spaces are just plain cursed without rhyme or reason. Sure, troublesome landlords, dumb concepts and crappy locations all play a part, but, call us superstitious, these just add to the cursed nature of the space. So, in light of the aforementioned events—not to mention Zinnia's upcoming attempt to break the tough, short runs that Scott Howard and 500 Jackson had in Jackson Square—we present a few of the city's cursed spaces. Naturally, it's not a complete list, but rather, a starting point. Enjoy.

Know of a space that is doomed? Let us know, and we'll do an update.
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