Gavin's Plumpjack Goes Down

THE MARINA—Last month, we broke the story that the PlumpJack Cafe would closing temporarily at the end of February to rethink its whole concept, and right on schedule, Gav's flagship has papered up its windows and left a hiatus note. [EaterWire, previously]

YOUNTVILLE—Up in Kellerville, Ad Hoc is following in Bouchon's footsteps and offering a special menu of its own: "Keller’s casual Ad Hoc restaurant will feature, for the first time ever, a four-course 'Wine and Swine' menu on March 25th from 5:30–8:30p.m. The restaurant will be reconfigured with a long communal table with 'abundantly laden platters' to reflect the festive occasion and sense of community." The Cork Board has more Wine and Swine details. [CB]

TELEVISION—We said back in December that Fabio Viviani would be this season's runaway hit, and lo and behold, the Italian chef is getting his own show. No word on which network will host it. [GossipSauce]

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