EaterWire: Kleinman Rumored at Wexler's, Plus FallFest News and Even More Ramsay on TV

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—We took an early, cursory peek at Wexler's , last Friday in the old Les Amis space. Now we're hearing a rumor that Charlie Kleinman—late of Fish & Farm and the Fifth Floor—might be heading up the kitchen at the new Sacramento Street project. It's still very unconfirmed at this point, but could be something to keep an eye on. [EaterWire]

EMBARCADEROSF Magazine has announced its annual FallFest on October 11th, and City Dish has more details: "Join 1,500 food and wine enthusiasts and leading local restaurateurs, winemakers, eco experts, and artisans for an inspiring day of premier food and wine tasting, chef demos, live music, and panel discussions that celebrate eating and living local. It all takes place outdoors at Justin Herman Plaza, which is transformed for the day into a European-style marketplace." [CD]

TELEVISION—Not only has Gordon Ramsay renewed his two American shows—Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares—but he's got another one on the way too: "The media empire that is Gordon Ramsay is also going to adapt another of his BBC shows for American audiences. The show is called Man Camp, which will be sort of a boot camp where Gordon will make men more manly at least in part by teaching them to cook. I can not wait to see this." [Slashfood]

AMERICA—On September 30th, there will be a new U.S. law that requires food to bear a label of the country of origin. Processed foods seem to have a loophole, and [Guardian via SE]

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