EaterWire: More Mall Food, Paradise Lounge Returns

MARKET STREET—A proposal for a five-story mall on the "pungent" stretch of Market between Fifth and Sixth is slowly making its way through the Board of Supes. It would $75 million of "neighborhood reinvigoration" that would include retail, coffee shops and restaurants. Not that it matters, but wasn't this already called Westfield? And before that, the Metreon? [Curbed]

CLUBLAND—Following over a year in mothballs, SoMa's Paradise Lounge is scheduled to reopen on Halloween next week in the same space, on the corner of Folsom and 11th. Some famous DJ from some famous club is going to headline the evening's festivities or something or other. [ASD]

ST. HELENA—Every Wednesday at Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, Cindy Pawlcyn puts on her regular Supper Club shindigs that showcase an exotic locale. On the fall/winter sched: the Caribbean, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, New England, Quebec and a 'Northern Lights' extravaganza featuring the delicacies of Denmark, Finland and Norway." [NVR]

LOUISIANA—It's not local at all, but it's more evidence that skipping out on your bill is just bad karma. From Slashfood: " ...the reigning Miss Teen Louisiana USA, Lindsey Evans, was arrested over the weekend for failing to pay her bill ... she and her friends intentionally walked out without paying their $46.07 bill, and then she realized that she forgot her purse. So, they went back to get it, where the cops were waiting. Making matters worse -- she had weed in her bag, so the teen queen got booked not only on charges of theft, but also possession of marijuana." You do hate to see that. [Slashfood]For more stories from Eater SF, go to

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