EaterWire: Patterson Aboard at Zinnia, Stave Shutters

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Since she left Orson two weeks ago, everyone has been asking about Jackie Patterson's next move, and today comes word that she's signed on as the bar manager at Sean O'Brien's upcoming Zinnia. Meanwhile, O'Brien and Mrs. O'Brien are still pushing for that late fall debut. [EaterWire, previously]

NAPA—The end of a lease and the growing of a winery were the reasons given by downtown Napa's Stave Wine Lounge for its recent shuttering, leaving one less place to taste wine in Napa. This just goes to show you that even though those Enomatic wine machines may look cool at first, they aren't always the ticket to success, mostly because they can seem awfully silly once the novelty wears off. [Cork Board]

THE HAIGHT—According to the Fuzzy Chef, the good news is that Club Deluxe has excellent pizza, but does anyone know when they actually serve it? "The bad news: you can never tell when. Supposedly, pizza is available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but the actual schedule is much more erratic than that ...However, I have yet to predict accurately when I can eat pizza at Club Deluxe." [FC]

ARIZONA—The Oakland restaurant robberies have fortunately subsided for the moment, but down in Arizona, Oakland robbers continue to terrorize the restaurant world: "Yuma police have released surveillance video of two males who scaled a fence and stole an undisclosed amount of food in a burglary of a Yuma restaurant ... [One robber] left an Oakland A's baseball cap at the scene." [Yuma Sun]

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