EaterWire: Ryan Farr Leaving Orson, In-N-Out Rumors, More Keller Triumphs in NYC

SOMA—Earlier this afternoon, Elizabeth Falkner sent out a release announcing that chef de cuisine Ryan Farr would be leaving Orson, meaning that she'll take on a larger role in the kitchen with the sous chefs. What's more, Orson's transformation into something more, shall we say, innocuous will continue. Falkner's quote: "Orson has been stamped too much as a fine dining location, and I want to broaden its audience and appeal to more people. I've always thought Orson should be like a modern version of Stars or Zuni." Which means the wood-fired oven will play a more prominent role with new menu items like a burger and steak frites with creamed spinach. We'll file this latest twist in the Orson saga as a curious, but not unexpected, move. [EaterWire]

CALIFORNIA—The rumor du jour is one that has In-N-Out celebrating its 60th this month with 25-cent hamburgers, 30-cent cheeseburgers, 15-cent fries, and 10-cent drinks. The In-N-Out brass tells Eater LA that the chain is indeed turning 60 but has no plans whatsoever for the discounted menu. Of course, conspiracy theorists are holding out hope that this just means it's going to be a surprise. [~ELA~]

NEW YORK—Our Zagat guide launched six days ago and Michelin's coming next week, but this week saw both Zagat and Michelin released their new guides in the Big Apple. Thomas Keller and David Chang were the big winners in Tim 'n Nina's eyes, while the big news out of the Michelin corner was that the three-star prize was finally handed out to Masa and Batali's Babbo was stripped of its only star. [~ENY~]For more stories from Eater SF, go to

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