EaterWire AM Edition: Midpoint Hires Chef, Redoing Grail

POLK GULCH—A few weeks ago, news came out that the Zeki's folks were taking over the shuttered O'Reilly's Holy Grail and calling it Midpoint. Now, as the space gets a facelift from its medieval look, details continue to trickle in. Fernando Plazola has been hired as the executive chef; Plazola is the chef/owner of Ward Street Cafe in Larkspur (its Chron review here), and before that, he was at Postrio. As for that rumored late night dining: "[the] main goal is to serve the neighborhood so if there is a demand for dining until 1 or 1:30 every night, [we'll] make that happen." Currently, mid to late November is the tentative aim.
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