Editor's Picks: Hot Kids' Toys for Holidays

We know you are bombarded with commercials touting the latest and greatest kids' toys on TVs. Or, at least, your kids are bombarding you to come watch those commercials and fill their stockings with gifts.

We're providing a short list of what we think might make good gifts for children in elementary and middle schools. 

Design 2Go Fashion Kit $24.99
This is a nice, low-tech sketch set and cute bag by FPGirl that is reasonably priced. It includes pencils, a fashion sketch book and design accessories. We like the zebra print for the page.

Air Hogs Heli Replay $44.99
This toy took a little while to get used to, but after less than 30 minutes, a 7-year-old boy figured out how to make this small helicopter fly. It only went into the bushes a few times before the youngster was able to master the controls. This works with an old-fashioned remote system, or on the free Air Hogs Control App.

Nano Speed Vert Set $34.99
Dubbed the fastest, smallest and most collectible pull-back vehicles ever. It's true, the cars are tiny - which is both good and bad. And they are super speedy. The boys who recently tested it out just loved them. We'll see if they love them in three months. Find a box or bag to store the cars in, or they will get lost. 

La Dee Da Fashion Doll $19.99
This doll is larger than a Barbie and less "teen" than a Bratz doll. It combines fashion and activities, and the dolls hail from different parts of the world.

Fibber $14.99
Get rid of the technology and hand the kids a board game. This one includes picture cards and lying. What could be more fun?

Furby $59.99
Hasbro's Furby has definite cute qualities. It's small. It's not that noisy. It does a couple of cute things, like talking and showing icons in its eyes to show it likes music or food. Our only peeve was how pricey it is. Should be about half the cost.

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