Electric Strawberry Needs a Kick

East Bay indie rockers crowdfunds debut album

Steven Geraldo

Electric Strawberry is turning to the public to help fund a debut album.

The members of East Bay indie rock group met on Craigslist and are now looking at popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter for assistance, hoping to raise $7000 to defray the cost.

"All four of us have been in bands before, but for one reason or another, have never gotten the opportunity to not only record professionally, but distribute an album via CD, vinyl, market it appropriately," they write on their campaign page. "As you probably know, this takes a lot of time and money, and as broke-ass musicians, we're usually short on both."

Besides making Electric Strawberry's dream a reality, there are incentives to donate. Premiums include copies of the album in your preferred format, merchandise galore, and, for high rollers, the opportunity to have the band cover a song of your choice and put it on YouTube.

Save the date: Electric Strawberry will perform at our free party at Hotel Utah on November 21. More details are coming soon.

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