Everyone’s Kid Sister Takes a Ride on San Francisco’s Rickshaw

Kanye West's protege plays San Francisco on Thursday


Melisa Young was a college student who realized late into her college career that she might have made a mistake.

"I studied film. I feel like everybody does that, and then they're like, 'Oh shit, I need to do something else,'"  she told Interview Magazine. "So that's basically what I did. Something else."

The Chicago-native tried her hand at everything from selling scented candles to baby clothes to cheap lingerie despite earning her film degree. But it was when she decided to transform herself into Kid Sister and release a song about nails that she finally discovered what she was suppose to do.

It doesn't hurt that Young latched onto Kanye West before he became the most hated man in America. Kid Sister has only put out one album but her colloboration work has garnered comparisons to Salt-N-Pepa and J.J. Fad.

Kid Sister will bring her life experiences to the stage at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco this Thursday.

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