Extra Action Marching Band Gets All Eff(ect)ed Up

Plug in for a night of aural over-stimulation.

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The Extra Action Marching Band plugged in for their show at New Parish in Oakland on Saturday, May 8, 2010.
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"The Burning Wigs of Sedition," a film Executive Produced by The Extra Action Marching Band, started out a fun Saturday night of local music at the New Parish in Oakland.
The film, directed by E.A.M.B.'ers Anna Fitch and Simon Cheffins, is an incredible spectacle that warrants repeated viewings.
Josh Keppel
The main event of the night was a first-ever set by the Extra Action Marching Band coined, "The Big Electric Experiment."
Kyle Bouchard
The musician's instruments were "mic'd" with wireless and hardwired microphones...
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...that were then effected by an onstage audio engineer. The new sounds were then amplified through the club sound system.
My experience was that if you were up close to the band, you couldn't hear the effects over the horns and drums.
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From the sides and back, however, you could hear the "effects pedals, samples, analog echo, and vintage reverb to create something never heard before," as described before the show by percussionist Violet Angell.
Josh Keppel
I think it would be really cool to have the band encased in a soundproof glass box the size of the stage. That way we could watch them play, but only hear the sounds coming off the audio engineer's fingertips.
Josh Keppel
The dancers would of course have to remain outside of the box where The Burning Wigs of Sedition director Anna Fitch (center) and others would still have space to take a spin.
Josh Keppel
During Extra Action's "Big Electric Experiment," KROB provided awesome visuals on the wall behind the band.
Josh Keppel
The opening band of the night was Killbossa, a band that "plays music based heavily on Tropicália, a political/artistic movement that arose in Brazil in the 1960s (according to their Myspace page)."
I was happy to hear some Tom Zé covers as well as Os Mutantes.
The second band of the night was Japonize Elephants.
Josh Keppel
After playing their song "Willie's Whiskey" they asked for (and each received) some whiskey shots from some kind soul. They next played "Leary's LSD."
Martin Hannigan (@RaceEICSL)
The crowd filled in for Tiger Honey Pot who played a half-hour set before Extra Action Marching Band took the stage.
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Tiger Honey Pot drummer Jonathan Selin used to play drums with Extra Action.
In black (like the Emperor flanked by Imperial Guards), Selin could later be seen hoisted in the air rocking out to his former band.
Josh Keppel
Tiger Honey Pot guitarist Tora FujiMOJO ripped it up.
Josh Keppel
The two-piece was full of energy, sounded great, and were super fun to watch.
Josh Keppel
Selin said the band has been together for four-years, but they are currently having a second-coming after he recently moved back to the Bay Area after two-years in Michigan.
Josh Keppel
Percussionist Violet Angell (center) enticed friends and fans before the show saying, "Prepare to get distorted, wah-wahed, delayed and equalized by.................... 'The Big Electric Experiment.'”
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Angell wondered if the night's turnout would be affected by the concurrent wedding celebration of Lifesize Mousetrap "fungineer" Mark Perez and bride Rose Harden... No way to tell, but I do know Perez's wedding photographer Pilar Woodman made it to the show (at right giving her big camera a rest).
Josh Keppel
This show was different than most Extra Action shows in that the band, yes, all of them, stayed on stage for the duration of "The Big Electric Experiment."
Ben Mohr
I think I prefer my Extra Action down on the floor in the middle of the folks. That said, I do think it was very cool for them to mix it up and try something different.
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It seemed like the dancers were a little less involved in this show than shows in the past. When they were there they were fun to watch, extra boobs and all.
Josh Keppel
(Center) Simon Cheffins, Extra Action Marching Band founder and Writer/Director of The Burning Wigs of Sedition, had at least five microphones trained on his three drum heads.
The horn section up front would duck down when not playing to let the audience watch the audio engineer, seated behind them and cloaked in black, do his thing.
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After the Extra Action Electrified set, the band produced film The Burning Wigs of Sedition screened again.
Following the second screening, Extra Action Unplugged was unleashed on the audience.
Ah yes... Now we're talking!
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The "newish" venue, The New Parish on 18th Street and San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, is very cool! This nice outdoor patio was available all night for cooling down and/or having a smoke.
Josh Keppel
Chef Terry Braggs was outside cooking hot dogs, veggie burgers and cheese burgers at $5-$7 a pop for the hungry masses.
Josh Keppel
Braggs also works at Caribbean restaurant Hibiscus, the courtyard-sharing New Parish sibling.
Tom Sherwood, NBCWashington.com
I was pleased to see this relic on the wall in the Men's Room. My friend tried to use it but there was no dial-tone.
Josh Keppel
Thanks for looking at my slideshow! Here's a pretty dancing lady from the audience to leave a sweet taste in your eyes...
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