Facebook Texting? Only on Android

Facebook announced new changes to its Facebook for Android and Facebook Messenger apps which include texting.

Facebook touted the changes as part of its new design, but it also made some changes to how Android users will use Messenger, including adding a SMS-like feature that looks a lot like texting.

The new Messenger 2.0 will allow users to swipe in friends to message on their smartphones, with conversations looking much like text messages. The group texting software likely came from when Facebook bought group-messaging app Beluga last year in an effort to stay relevant in the mobile market. (The iOS app for Facebook hasn't been updated yet.)

The new updates are necessary for Facebook if it intends on growing or keeping its users connection to the social network. Mobile use is rising and without a quality and easy-to-use app, Facebook's days are numbered. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg claims he's trying to change that, and this new update is a step in the right direction.

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