Are the Giants a Threat to the Yankees Goal of Signing CC Sabathia?

It has been said throughout the fall and early winter that CC Sabathia would likely rather sign somewhere out West, if given the choice. He actually lives in the Bay Area, and would also prefer to stay in the National League. Do the San Francisco Giants have a realistic shot at acquiring the dominant left-hander? The answer from several sources is a resounding "yes."

Let's consider the situation. The Yankees already offered to make Sabathia the highest paid pitcher of all-time. He hasn't done a single thing about that offer. Thinking rationally, if he really wanted to pitch for the Yankees he would have accepted the offer by now. He's not going to make much more money anywhere else, and that's likely going to be the highest offer.

According to this author, the Giants' recent quasi-spending spree -- Jeremy Affeldt, Bob Howry, Edgar Renteria -- is an attempt to shore up a bit of their roster before making a serious run at Sabathia. This would serve two purposes. First of all, they'd know how much money they can pay the big man, and secondly, they could sell Sabathia on a realistic chance to win the NL West.

This actually seems plausible, in my view, and can you imagine a top three of Sabathia, Tim Lincecum, and Matt Cain? The post-Bonds era has lasted only one year thus far, and the team was a forgotten one -- other than their tiny Cy Young award winner. The insignificance of the franchise will have only lasted that one season if this move is pulled off. Many teams in the NL West -- if not all of them -- are in flux right now. Bringing in Sabathia along with their other moves would put the Giants right in the mix.

Personally, I hope they do sign him. It's boring when the Yankees can just sign whomever they wish.

Also of note: The Angels are not focused on CC.

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