Bummed About Tonight's Game? Here are 14 Reasons to Watch San Diego Play Oakland

I don't really understand the whole "flex scheduling" thing, but considering it isn't possible to "flex" tonight's game off of national TV, I'd say it isn't working too well. In fact, if I were in charge of it, I'd have a few rules. One, never have two losing teams play each other on national television. Two, never have a team that attempted a fake field goal the week before (and with a kicker who's overweight by 40-plus pounds, no less) take the field. And three, when the most interesting subplot heading into the game revolves around your fantasy football playoffs it probably isn't the most intriguing matchup.

That being said, we are stuck with the Raiders facing off against the Chargers in an AFC West showdown that, well, doesn't mean a ton. Who cares, here are 14 reasons (to go along with the week) you should tune in tonight to watch the NFL on a Thursday.

-- Remember when you'd get excited for "Friends" on Thursday nights? Well, if you squint your eyes really tight, Philip Rivers looks a lot like Chandler and this Charger girl, well, she looks nothing like anyone from "Friends" but she's really hot.

-- The opportunity to check out the Chargers mascot. What the hell are those muscles? Does that go directly from pectorals to abdominal? Is that possible? I thought mascots were supposed to be for the kids. Would any kid want to hug this guy? He looks like the cartoon version of what Sublime sung about in "Daterape."

-- It will be broadcasted in beautiful NFL Network high definition! (That is, unless you have my cable, which doesn't have an NFL Network HD channel, but if you just have a frigging imagination, then you could imagine it's in HD. Is that too much to ask?)

-- If the camera catches Al Davis at any point, it will save you from having to watch "A Nightmare Before Christmas" with your kids this month.

-- The chance for a LaDainian Tomlinson breakout fantasy game. See, I have LdT on my roster, and the guy hasn't been as stellar this season (two rookies and his backup from last year have more points). Well, Tomlinson had over 100 yards and two touchdowns when he played the Raiders in Week 4, which means for teams in the playoffs (raises hand), it would be nice to have a similar showing.

-- Oh, and Antonio Gates as well. Dude, could you CATCH A TOUCHDOWN PASS PLEASE?!?

-- If you do get the game in HD, and they show Al, do this, especially if you have company -- rewind, put it in slow-mo and zoom in on him. It's like death, but with more megapixels.

-- If you're from any part of the country that isn't San Diego you can watch the game and be more frustrated with your life as you wrap yourself with your third blanket. That's always fun.

-- If you're from San Diego and are watching the game ... wait, what am I talking about? People from San Diego probably don't even know where the Chargers play.

"Ohhhh Sandy, is it by PB? Hahahahaha."

/takes sip of Non-fat Mocha Latte
//Drives away in leased Mercedes CLS 550

-- You get to play the always fun game, "Would I appear to be in better shape than Jamarcus Russell if I was wearing a full Raiders uniform?"

-- That game can always be played at the same time as the "Could I complete more passes than Jamarcus Russel if i was the Raiders' quarterback?" game.

-- The confidence that will ooze out of your screen. Asked about the Chargers' playoff chances, Rivers said the following: "We've got to win them all and they've got to lose three of four. Can it happen? Sure, but we haven't shown the ability to be able to win four in a row."

-- The fact that one of the only people ever to be booked into custody with a smile on his face will be there for pregame, halftime and post-game.

-- Two words: team spirit!

Enjoy the game tonight. We will be live blogging the whole thing, so swing on by for some NFL fun.

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