Fashion Therapy on Valencia Street

Bay Area fashionista introduces us to Therapy

When its blue skies, Valencia Street heats up and begins to rumba. This hipper than hip neighborhood crisscrosses vintage with trendy in all categories from clothing to eatery. Affectionately referred to as Val Street in the Mission District, it attracts the whole enchilada of shoppers and cruisers with a mob mix of youngsters, oldsters, locals and day trippers.

The well-known store Therapy was already established when the revitalization and trendify movement began along the corridor between the blocks of 16th to 26th, thus qualifying it as first generation of the “trendies”.

As a leading contemporary retailer, Therapy offers up something for almost everyone enjoying today's modern lifestyle trends.

The vibe of Val Street spills into the store marking it as much a social scene as a shopping experience.
Visitors to Therapy are greeted with genuine enthusiasm by knowledgeable staffers willing to show off their assortment of fashion merchandise.

The eclectic selection consists of a variety of bi-coastal designers and manufacturers emphasizing hints of retro styling. Well-known satchels from HOBO are lined up next to popular local manufacturer, Dutchy Bags. Racks swing with a variety of shaped jackets from Tulle right next to a colorful assortment of Colcci button back tanks. 

The multi-mix is geared towards women, however there is an island size area devoted to today's urban men. Price range: wallet friendly

Pick up a couple of new head to toe ensembles and then pop next door to Therapy for the Home before enjoying a cocktail at nearby Ramblas Tapas Bar.

Therapy 545 Valencia Street in San Francisco - 415-865-0981 - or on the web.

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