Fauxbucks is Not the Same as Starbucks

Coffee chain unveils new indy feel stores

Starbucks haters beware. You might be drinking the cursed mega chain java and not even know it.

It's Starbucks, but not! The coffee brewer has been remodeling a handful of its stores to look more indie -- no corporate logos, a different menu, and no more push-button machines.

They pulled a switch in Seattle last month, and word just surfaced that they're planning a second. If it's happening in Seattle, it could happen anywhere! Including Minnesota, which, apparently, has a "coffee scene heavy with indies and home-grown chains." Huh!

Anyway, the number of Starbucks in San Francisco is rather staggering -- maybe we could do with a change of scenery, if not change of corporate ownership.

And readers reminded us that Starbucks did, in fact, have a "black ops" version in San Francisco about a decade ago -- it was called "Circadia" and was located in the Mission across from KQED and beneath BAVC.

It never caught on, and was soon transformed back into a Starbucks at the stroke of midnight. And oh God, here's an article from 1999 about how Starbucks was spending millions to create a "web portal," Jesus Christ. In retrospect, 1999 was probably more pre-apocalyptic than we realized at the time.

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